About My Photography

I view life as a series of events, all which add to tell a story, your story.  This is the basis of my photography.  I believe we have one chance to freeze a moment in time, and I intend to do just that.  Whether I am capturing your everyday life through a lifestyle session, your wedding day, the incredible moments after the birth of your child, or a major family event you will receive a story in return in the form of photographs. 

All my packages include a varying level of print credits which are utilized to preserve those moments, and display for years to come. 


About Christine

I have a crazy obsession with cold brew coffee, Kate Spade, and vintage everything

"Down time" can be a hard concept for me to grasp as often as I would like, but when I do carve some into our crazy schedule, you can find me chasing our toddler around, making endless updates to our 19th century foursquare home (remember: vintage), or dreaming of our next vacation destination. 

I look forward to sharing my personality quirks in my chance to tell your family story!